Tragedy To Triumph!
Discover the secret of gaining victory over abuse.

Tragedy To Triumph! Discover the secret of gaining victory over abuse.

Book written by Catherine Smit-Torrez

A sensational look into the life of a person who became Triumphant against many odds!  The author has invited the reader to look into her past tragedies and trials as a young child and then indulge in her escapades as a teen.  The end result should be devastating, but instead, she finds the Source of Life and true contentment, leading her to a life of utter Triumph!  She was well-known as a problem child during her years as a teen but has now been the inspiration, and even hero, in the lives of the children, teens and young adults, with whom she now works and counsels.

During her childhood, she was known to all her acquaintances by the name of “Cathy” and those who knew her, felt that she was on a fast course for a head-on collision.  Here, she is willing to share her personal feelings as she went through some of her most trying years, which will only let the reader understand why she headed out in the directions that she pursued.

She believes that her story of countless rejections from childhood through her first disastrous marriage, and even physical and sexual abuse, will help many individuals who are going through similar circumstances or hardships by giving them the answer to find success in spite of tragedy.

What is success and triumph, and how can a person achieve it, after having incurred so many black marks against them?  Is it really possible for someone to experience real joy in their lives, even in the midst of a torrential storm?  What are the odds?

In the world’s eyes, the odds are stacked up like a brick wall against those with so many tragedies, but it is not so when the key is discovered!

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