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Unburied Treasure

"Unburied Treasure"         A Guide To Leaving Your Legacy


Unburied Treasure is a simple guide to unlocking treasures stored inside the memory banks of ourselves or those we love. These treasures are readily available, and no key is needed to bring them to light; all that is needed is a guide on how to present them. What a gift to leave those we love! What a gift of honor it is to ask our parents and grandparents for this information!

Often we may have wanted to leave a life lesson to our children and our grandchildren, but we never really had the opportunity to talk to them about the subject or felt comfortable speaking to them about a particular subject. We have advice on how to handle a situation or even a tip on how to get out a type of laundry stain. Unburied Treasure helps us—the writer—leave our thoughts, advice, life experiences, family history, career highlights, recipes, how-to tricks, and unique personal information for our loved ones. Unburied Treasure shows it can be done in an easy to follow format: simply fill in your answers to given subjects or topics.

The writer can respond to specified topics that are sure to cross everyone’s path, whether advice or emotional experiences, and then proceed to select his or her own topics (from chapter 4 or his or her own ideas). The writer need not feel overwhelmed, as responses are only a paragraph in length. Writers can choose to take on only one paragraph each day or more if they feel inspired.

We have included a convenient family tree for you to complete. Not only does it include paternal and maternal family history, but also step- or other parent information. We don’t want to forget those family members and leave our grandchildren wondering who they were when they hear their names or see their pictures.

Future generations will be thrilled to read the inspiring pages from their very own family member, written in his or her own words and handwriting. One might even unlock the mysteries of family secrets, explain the “whys” of controversial decisions or overwhelming success, or find the answers to traits that were once unexplained: all now penned as responses to topics that will intrigue each of us.
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