Tragedy To Triumph!
Discover the secret of gaining victory over abuse.

Presentation Topics

Overcoming Abuse / Dealing with Suffering

Chief Smit speaks on these subjects from personal experience, taking what once was a negative view of suffering and her past to a view beyond positive.  It can only be described as TRIUMPHANT and she shares her insight with listeners with a passion that only those who have walked in the shoes of the abused or victimized or living a life of extreme pain and suffering can identify.  She shares her past victimization, her personal experiences in her childhood to her escapades as a teen and then her first unsuccessful marriage that ended after spousal abuse and much emotional abuse. 

Catherine shares her feelings as she went through her experiences of rejections from childhood, disastrous first marriage, and physical and sexual abuse.

What is success and triumph, how to achieve it, how to beat the odds and find joy and happiness in your life are the many answers that will be found in these presentations.
Youth Topics:
The ABC's of Sex & Dating
     What do youth really need to know about the subject?
Drug & Alcohol Awareness
Gang Awareness
     Why kids join gangs.  The myths & the truths!
How to "Stand" For What You Believe and "Keep Your Focus"
Who Am I? Why Am I?
Defensive Strategies
     Focus on Women & Children
      How to use what you have:
           Mental Awareness
           Your Assets and how to use them
Identity Theft
     Prevention and Recovery
Why Pre-Relationship Investigations

Sr. Adults Topic:
      Leaving Your Legacy

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